Digital Tech.. What the heck?

 I recently attended a conference in the UK, where I learnt about the diversity of the digital world.

Representatives from renowned companies were present and I was amazed as to how far technology has come. From writing on paper to using mobile phones to board public transport, where will we be in 2026?

There was a phrase that someone said that stuck with me: ”It’s about people”. It is the people in the boardroom to those in the local community that drive change. That drive companies to think of new ideas. Without people, companies will cease to exist. Without people technology will not be where it is today.

As a result of this conference I now have a different view on technology and its stereotypes. The conference was attended by more than 200 people but what surprised me the most was the fact that on the panel there were few female speakers. Yes, the digital world is generally male dominated however, I was expecting a few more female panelists.

There was a mixture of people in the audience but much is yet to be done. Men and women cannot just be equal in the workplace, they need to be equal before they start working. There are many organisations currently aiming to encourage young females to take a technology related career route. There is more to accomplish and with the current flow of technology, more women are needed now, than ever before.

~ Those Words



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