So you’ve received your A-levels results? Or maybe you are coming from full-time employment?

Now it’s all about those textbooks! But first, comes fresher’s week. 

First year of university is not all about reading but it’s fair to say that it is not all about partying either! You need balance. You need to be committed. Ask yourself: What is your aim? Is it to study? To get away from your parents or to experience managing your own money?

My main advice for students about to start university and of course those who have already started is: PRIORITISE.

If you want to pass, this is the key.

Everyone can revise but if your priority is not to study then you might just not do as well as you can- set your standards high!

Before you start any course, each university has a course guide and a reading list. Not every book that is recommended is needed, just make sure you look for cheaper deals when buying your books. Either pop to your university library, look for second-hand books (maybe even third hand) or look for resources online. Even if your mate has got their heads stuck into those textbooks I can assure you that it does not mean they are guaranteed a better grade.

Ask for help if needed. This is VITAL! Your tutor and lecturers are (meant to be) there when you need them. Sometimes you might have to pester them (like I did) but that is their job. You can simply drop an email if you are short of time! As long as you do not suffer in silence. If you do not understand the work or the uni stress is starting to pile up, search for help. If it’s friends, academics, or whoever, just do not suffer. Later you will be happy you found help and that stress will go. It works. Trust me!

One last thing… Believe in yourself. There is no point in doing a course if you do not even believe you can pass. The mind is very powerful and it is where every action stems from. If in your mind you tell yourself you can and you act upon this, you will see positive results (and good grades) but if you put yourself down, look to others and do not put the work in, you will become stuck in a unpleasant cycle that will seem to never end. It may take a day of motivation or the whole year… just do not give up. Believe.

I wish you all the best. 

~ Those Words


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