The Warehouse City ~ Manchester~P1

The street is lit up with disco lights and the red carpet awaits. Paparazzi in motion. Let’s have a ball!

But before this, I head to the main road full of tram tracks to find my way around the city. I open google maps but that just takes me round in circles. Many taxis wait in line but I want to try Manchester’s public transport.

Confused and lost I head back to Piccadilly station. After buying a pass I head back out towards Aytoun St!

I see the bus X50 and that means I’m off to Old Trafford! Yeah that’s right. Manchester United’s Football Club. With only one and a half hours before the ball, there wasn’t much time left.

As I’m on my way there, I let the beauty of the historical buildings sink in whilst admiring the modernisation of Manchester and Trafford. And then I see a sign that says “Sir Alex Ferguson Way”.

Welcome to Old Trafford.

And as for the ball, I had a great time!


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